Storm Sewer Data

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This project is supplementary to data collection and analysis completed under contract with FWR in 1993. The main objective was to continue the collection of storm sewer data from South Oxhey. These data were entered into the Wallingford Urban Runoff Database (WURD). To supplement data collection two areas of research were investigated: The data set for the South Oxhey catchment spans 40 years, but there was a suspicion that the impermeable area within the catchment may have changed thus invalidating any detailed statistical analysis across the whole data set. To investigate this suspicion an impermeable area survey was undertaken. The results demonstraged that the area had increased by 4%. Sewer flow surveys in large diamter sewers are performed by Doppler veolicity flow measurement instruments the accuracy of which depends on the angle of emission of the acoustic beam. Two contrasting designs were tested and the limited investigation confirmed that one configuration with a 20 degree angle of acoustic



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