The Mechanism of Toxicity of Bromate and Chlorate - An Interim Report

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The report describes the intended research to further investigate the mechanism of carcinogenity of bromate, and to compare the effects of chlorate and bromate in two test species, rat and mouse. Bromate has been shown to cause kidney and thyroid tumours in rats. It has also been shown to induce tumours of the lining of the body cavity (peritoneal mesotheliomas), these tumours being very rare in rats. It has been shown to cause DNA damage in a variety of tests. The studies considered suitable by this interim report are: The comet assay, which detects strand breaks in the DNA using a fluorescence method; Liquid peroxidation, investigated by the formation of 8- hydrodeoxyguanosine (8- OHdG) in the kidneys of both rats and mice, considered to be a market of oxidative damage; Supplementary in vitro studies, carried out for bromate only and intended to further elucidate the mechanism of action of bromate.



UKWIR Reference :- 95/DW/05/6Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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