UV Treatment of Pathogens Relevant to Dirnking Water - Recent Inactivation Data

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UV irradiation is known to be effective against a wide range of pathogen types. Recent UV inactivation data compiled for this report has confirmed its efficacy against Cryptosporidium and shown that it can provide effective treatment of many waterborne viruses and bacteria. Adenoviruses, however, have been shown to demonstrate a marked resistance to UV inactivation but also to be more sensitive to low (<220 nm) wavelengths than many other pathogens. Medium Pressure UV systems have been shown to be more effective than Low Pressure UV systems for adenovirus inactivation, although their performance is similar for bacteria and protozoa. Whilst organisms have mechanisms to repair damage caused by exposure to UV, these do not appear to be significant for drinking water.  The review has considered the impact of validation protocols on determination of UV efficacy.  Overall, UV treatment offers an additional barrier for pathogen elimination to compliment chlorination.



UKWIR Reference :- 16/DW/02/77Published Date :- 25/01/2016
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