Wastewater Screenings Management

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Over ninety percent of waste water screenings are currently landfilled and disposal costs are rising. Screenings production has risen in recent years due to increasing population, improved screening methods and an increase in the use of so called 'flushable' wipes. Data collected for this project indicates that around 98000tpa (wet basis) is collected from WwTWs in the UK.

This project has collected new data on screenings production and composition which can be used to identify appropriate and beneficial management options. The approach described in the report allows the practical issues and applicability of selected treatment options to be assessed to ensure sound investment in process technology or screenings management solutions. Background data is provided on a wide range of relevant processes and technologies.

The Excel spreadsheet included with the report can be adapted with new supplier and cost data and used as a support tool for investment and management decisions.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/WW/06/9Published Date :- 08/06/2015
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Supporting Material and Reports

 Wastewater Screenings Management CD