Measuring the performance of leak detection technicians

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The project reviewed current practice and methods together with company views on their practicality and unintended consequences.

The project has resulted in the development of an expectation model for the find rate of leakage detection technicians. This provides the basis to take into account two primary explanatory factors in interpreting the data between different groups of technicians and between utilities and hence provides a basis to benchmark their performance.

The project has been unique in that it has included a pilot where a given DMA has been surveyed by different technicians immediately following each other. This has provided a significant insight into the leakage detection process, its difficulties and issues.

The pilot has given an initial indication of possible incentivisation techniques, their issues and benefits. This could provide the basis for more extensive trials within utilities.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/WM/08/57Published Date :- 23/12/2015
Retail Price (£) :- 350ISBN :- 1 84057 794 0