Leakage Upstream of District Meters

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While there has been significant research on leakage within district meter areas, leakage on the part of the network between the distribution input and district meter is less well understood. Water losses from trunk mains and service reservoirs arise from a variety of sources that require different approaches to management. This has led to informal management of upstream leakage and limited development of overall strategy. The extent of data collection to support analysis varies significantly across the industry.

This project has provided a framework for the economic assessment of upstream leakage and identified the advantages and disadvantages of different Active Leakage Control options to managing upstream leakage. Comparison of capital-intensive approaches to management with increased operational expenditure is included, as is incorporation within Sustainable Economic Level of Leakage analysis. Case study applications of the framework have been developed to assist companies in understanding the economic calculations and tailor these to their own circumstances.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/WM/08/55Published Date :- 25/02/2015
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