Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) - Where we are and where we could be - The feasibility of biological dosing into sewer systems and the development / specification of a protocol

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This report gives details of an extensive review of bio-additive dosing into sewer systems, both to degrade and control FOG deposits. The project showed that dosing can be successful, provided that the product is effective, site characteristics are considered and suitable site related practices are carried out.
To help promote successful dosing, a two stage protocol is specified, as follows:

- A testing methodology, to demonstrate a products ability to digest/degrade FOG (lipolitic activity); and 
- Site related aspects a methodology for planning, initial dosing to remove accumulated FOG deposits and maintenance dosing to minimise future FOG depositions.

This report has 2 sub reports, both downloadable free of charge. To access the documents please click the following links:

Part 1 - Laboratory Testing of Bio-Additive Dosing Compounds

Part 2 - Catchment, Site and Deployment Related Aspects - Summary Report



UKWIR Reference :- 15/SW/01/14Published Date :- 27/08/2015
Retail Price (£) :- 60ISBN :- 1 84057 789 4