Real-time Integrated Modelling, Monitoring and Control

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Wastewater systems have traditionally been fit-and-forget; however, long-term-pressures of increased needs and reduced budgets combine to require a new approach. Integrating the monitoring, modelling and management of wastewater systems to drive Active System Management (ASM) can help to deliver improved performance at less cost.

This report sets out a vision for how wastewater systems could be actively monitored, modelled and managed by, say, 2025. It reviews the gap from current practice to this vision and identifies what actions are required to fill the gaps, including what technology developments are required.

ASM does not have to be complex nor expensive it is a tool that can be implemented to support management from very simple situations through to highly complex ones. 

The report sets out options, from simple to complex, for:
  How the operator or control system knows what is happening
  How actions are taken to manage the system.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/SW/01/12Published Date :- 15/07/2015
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 Real-time Integrated Modelling, Monitoring and Control CD