The Application of Process Intensification in the Water Industry

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Process Intensification (PI) means a significant reduction in size of a unit operation or simplification of processes by combining process steps, creating new technologies with significantly lower capital and running costs and improved sustainability PI is now considered one of the most promising development areas for modern chemical engineering and has been applied in wider industry since the 1970s.

The aim of this project was to analyse the main processes used in the water industry, with a view to suggesting replacement by intensified process technologies. A range of technologies have been identified, which potentially have application in enhancing the performance, technically and commercially, of the 'conventional' water and wastewater flow-sheet. More novel technologies that enhance mass transfer and increase chemical reaction kinetics may offer opportunities in, inter-alia, meeting anticipated regulatory objectives with significant impact, particularly in water treatment - and potential applications in wastewater, sludge and odour treatment.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/RG/10/8Published Date :- 13/04/2015
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 The Application of Process Intensification in the Water Industry CD