Learning from the First Cycle of the Water Framework Directive

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This report presents evidence from across Europe to assess which measures have worked well and not so well in the first cycle (2009-2015) of the Water Framework Directive. The report identifies whether other, more effective solutions are available that could be used in the second cycle plans in the UK and also compares the level of ambition across Member States.

In many cases it is too early to have conclusive evidence of the success of measures. However, the report draws upon twelve case studies from across Europe and interviews with Member States. The main lessons from these are: that more action is needed to control substances at source; that stronger incentives are needed to promote action on diffuse pollution; that economic appraisal needs to be consistent across spatial scales; and that unless entire packages of measures are funded they will be ineffective.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/RG/08/9Published Date :- 16/06/2015
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 Learning from the First Cycle of the Water Framework Directive CD