Water Framework Directive (WFD); Cost-Effectiveness of Measures in Other Sectors

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The contribution of all sectors to compliance issues were quantified using SAGIS, a modelling system developed for UKWIR, SEPA and the Environment Agency to quantify the chemical inputs into inland rivers from 12 point and diffuse sectors. This was combined with information on the effectiveness of possible measures and their costs to help determine alternative options for measures. These outputs can be considered in a wider discussion of planning approaches and to contribute information to disproportionate cost assessment.

Measures were defined in terms of percentage reductions in chemical loads and assessed with regards to changes in downstream chemical concentrations compared to environmental quality standards. A range of measures were assessed, including those targeting wastewater treatment works, urban runoff (SuDS), minewater discharges, product sources and diffuse inputs from agriculture.

Information on the effectiveness and costs of measures was gathered from various sources, including the Environment Agency's Catchment Change Matrix in relation to diffuse inputs of phosphorus, previous studies commissioned by the Environment Agency/DEFRA on minewater discharges and wider scientific literature.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/RG/07/34Published Date :- 01/04/2015
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