Investigation into the Feasibility of Adopting a Universal Coupling Mechanism for Submersible Pumps

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The work carried out was aimed at assessing the feasibility of developing a universal auto coupling system (ACS) for submersible pumps as well as producing a design specification and some outline concepts.

It was found that a universal ACS is not currently possible as not all pump manufacturers provide a standard PN16 flange connection to the bracket. It could be achieved by only standardising the duckfoot and guiderails used, leaving the design of the claw attachment backet to the individual pump manufacturers. The required duckfoot height is important to the function of the pump and the clearance varies between suppliers. The impact that a standardised duckfoot height would have on the performance of specific pumps would need to be assessed.

In order to move the project forward it is recommended that WaSCs meet with pump manufacturers to overcome the issues encountered.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/RG/05/41Published Date :- 10/04/2015
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