Effects of Methodology in Determining Phosphorous in Effluents / Fate of Soluble Reactive Phosphorous After Discharge

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This project supports the forthcoming (2015-17) National Phosphorous trials and the next phase of the UKWIR Chemicals Investigation Programme. It has established that the determination of soluble reactive phosphate should be carried out on samples that are filtered to 0.45µm, either on site or at the laboratory within 24 hours of sampling; and that filtered samples must be analysed within 6 days of sampling. Methodologies for so-called orthophosphate in which samples are unfiltered or allowed to settle are imprecise and not suitable for regulatory compliance purposes.

Wastewater treatment phosphorous reduction processes involving dosing with iron or aluminium were observed substantially to reduce both the concentration and the proportion of soluble reactive in sewage effluents. This finding, if confirmed on a wider range of effluents, has potentially important implications for the management of phosphorous on a catchment wide basis.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/EQ/01/10Published Date :- 07/04/2015
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