Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Proactive Catchment Management Volume 1 - Summary Report

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This desk study focuses on how Earth Observation (EO) methods can support the targeting of catchment management activities, including targeted engagement with land managers to change management practices, and the provision of spatially-distributed land use inputs into catchment-scale hydrological and nutrient pollution models.

Volume 1 is a Summary Report, while Volume 2 explores land management issues and the extent to which optical and radar techniques can identify catchment features and changes over time in lowland and upland environments, including cereal and break crops, grassland, outdoor pigs, exposed peat and heather management.

Volume 3 provides a technical explanation of EO technologies including emerging methods, typical costs, practical constraints (incl. spatial and temporal resolution), and processing chains, supported by case study examples. Reviews conclude that at both field/farm and catchment scale, information of interest to the water industry can be successfully mapped from EO, both in terms of resolution and information content.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/DW/14/9Published Date :- 31/03/2015
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Supporting Material and Reports

Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Proactive Catchement Management Volume 2 - Scientific and Technical Review
Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Proactive Catchment Management Volume 3 - Case Studies, Operational Aspects and Forward Look