Pesticide Risk Mapping and Catchment Interventions - Phase 1

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Pesticides used in farming that are difficult to remove by existing potable water treatment processes can cause drinking water to fail EU water quality standards. This project developed a pesticide risk mapping methodology for mobile herbicides and metaldehyde, transparent to all stakeholders, for the identification of high risk sites where catchment intervention stands a good prospect of addressing potential risk and making significant improvements in raw water quality.  The risk mapping approach, which builds on existing risk mapping approaches, has been implemented at both a 1 km grid resolution covering the UK and field level scale for example catchments.  Accompanying assessments of interventions that might address losses of pesticide from high risk sites have been outlined along with their likely effectiveness, barriers to uptake and typical costs of implementation.  Use of these mapping resources will aid targeting of limited resources and catchment stakeholder engagement programmes.

Please click here to download a free report, produced to promote dissemination of the risk mapping approach within the stakeholder community. This downloadable report only covers the risk mapping tasks within the project.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/DW/14/11Published Date :- 06/08/2015
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