Brass fittings as a source of lead & nickel in drinking water - long term leaching studies

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This is one of two reports on Stage 2 of ongoing research to increase understanding of how brass fittings contribute to lead and nickel concentrations in drinking water. It examines yields of lead and nickel, and the effect of the addition and cessation of phosphate dosing on brass fittings deployed on long term test rigs. It also examines the effect of chlorine or chloramine dosed water on leaching from a laboratory trial. It identifies situations where individual brass fittings or combinations of fittings can routinely yield a few µg/l of lead or nickel and circumstances where their respective Prescribed Concentration or Value (PCV), of 10 µg/l and 20 µg/l respectively, could be exceeded following periods of stagnation. The dosing of phosphate is shown to quickly reduce leaching of lead and nickel, whilst the cessation of dosing is shown to increase leaching within a few days.



UKWIR Reference :- 15/DW/04/16Published Date :- 25/11/2015
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