Sustainable Integrated Catchment Management for Phosphorus

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Phosphorus is a major cause for failure of rivers and lakes to meet standards set out in the Water Framework Directive (WFD). This is a significant challenge in the UK that needs to be addressed across multiple sectors.
Through interviews, literature reviews and case studies, this project consolidated the current knowledge base into an accessible format. The report and appendices include reviews of current and emerging modelling tools for phosphorus and an evidence catalogue of measures available to different sectors to tackle phosphorus issues. Building on UKWIR's national scale eutrophication demonstration case of disproportionate costs for the WFD, this report sets out the relative apportionment of phosphorus sources for each waterbody and the expected cost-effeciveness of different measures scenarios including WwTW end-of-pipe solutions and agri-environmental measures.
A flexible, three-step approach is set out for water company staff to identify catchments most suitable for integrated catchment management. This is supported by a catalogue of map-based evidence, tools and worked examples.



UKWIR Reference :- 14/WW/20/6Published Date :- 17/02/2014
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