Evaluating the Effectiveness of Sustainability Reductions

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This project consolidates the existing knowledge base of completed sustainability reduction schemes across the UK, and reports on their effectiveness, lessons learned and good practice. It highlights the scale of schemes that have been delivered and their relative success in delivering environmental improvement. Detailed case study analysis, structured interviews and facilitated stakeholder engagement identified a body of lessons learned and examples of good practice.

Consideration of the collated evidence, as well as of recent research and regulatory developments, has been used to develop a series of recommendations for the water industry to take forward for future sustainability reduction schemes. These include improving the provision of robust evidence to justify sustainability reduction schemes, acquisition of appropriate data to develop successful, cost-effective solutions, and the importance of post-scheme appraisal to assess success against pre-defined outcomes. Each recommendation is accompanied by additional guidance in the form of a practitioners 'toolkit'.



UKWIR Reference :- 14/WR/33/7Published Date :- 09/12/2014
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 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Sustainability Reductions CD