Managing Through Drought: Code of Practice and Guidance for Water Companies on Water Use Restrictions - 2013 [incorporating lessons from the 2011-12 drought]

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This Code of Practice (CoP) provides guidance to water companies on the effective implementation of water use restrictions by way of Temporary Use Bans (TUBs) and Drought Orders (DO) to help manage demand during times of drought. This project has revised the previous CoP to incorporate the experience arising from the 2011-12 drought. It has been informed by discussions with staff from Water UK, from the water resources, legal and communication departments of water comapnies, the Environment Agency, and the Consumer Coucil for Water.
This CoP sets good practice Principles and Actions for water companies in England and Wales to follow when they are evaluating whether and how water use restrictions will be implemented in their supply area in times of drought. It provides a practical framework and body of information for water companies to assist in the creation of Drought Plans and management of water use restrictions.
An electronic copy of this report is free to download from the Water UK website (



UKWIR Reference :- 14/WR/33/6Published Date :- 06/03/2014
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