Establishing a Robust Case for Final Effluent Reuse - An Evidence Base

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Treated effluent is widely re-used as a resource for agricultural irrigation, urban non-potable use, industrial use and drinking water supplies around the world. Water stress and environmental regulations in the UK are driving UK water companies to consider reuse as a strategic supply option and so require evidence on the array of risks and opportunities this brings.
This study examines evidence from over 200 relevant case studies of both successful and abandoned treated effluent reuse projects. Real (and perceived) risks associated with different reuse scenarios are identified considering their applicability in the UK. Risk to human health is a primary concern, closely followed by the risks to the environment from changes in water flow and composition.
This report sets out existing frameworks for managing and mitigating risk, governance issues, and the factors that influence the energy and carbon demands of reuse systems as well as the cost implications.



UKWIR Reference :- 14/WR/29/3Published Date :- 27/05/2014
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