Handbook of Source Yield Methodologies

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Tha Handbook of Source Yield Methodologies provides practitioner-focussed and technically-oriented guidance on yield assessment methods for both surface water and groundwater sources. Aiming to support analyses required as part of Water Resource Management Plans, the handbook covers good practice methods currently used within the UK water industry, but also draws on international experience where appropriate.

The handbook discusses how and when different methods might best be applied and provides direction on data requirements and sources of uncertainty. Previous guidance that is still considered good practice is highlighted, however the handbook also documents innovative variations on established techniques that have helped water companies to improve robustness in estimated source yield and mitigate for common problems. Generic guidance is also provided on topics such as reporting of assessments and the need for clear documentation with assumptions stated. A number of worked examples are provided in order to help first time users gain practice in applying yield assessment methods.



UKWIR Reference :- 14/WR/27/7Published Date :- 05/08/2014
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 Handbook of Source Yield Methodologies