Understanding Customer Behaviour for Water Demand Forecasting

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Robust forecasts of water consumption are required to manage the future balance between supply and demand. Factors affecting customer behaviour in relation to water use and effects of initiatives to change it have not previously been well understood. This has limited the ability to forecast future consumption and target initiatives promoting water-efficient behaviours.

This project carried out a UK-wide survey of 1500 customers regarding attitudes and behaviours in relation to water. The results identified five customer typologies exhibiting different behaviours in relation to current water use and likely to respond differently to interventions encouraging water-efficient behaviour.

The typologies provide insight into types of behaviour and other factors affecting consumption. Survey results can be used to quantify impacts of behavioural influences across the typologies. The outputs can also assist with targeting water-efficiency interventions and understanding their likely impact. A framework has been provided for incorporating behavioural changes within demand forecasts.



UKWIR Reference :- 14/WR/01/14Published Date :- 07/08/2014
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