Improved Household Night Use Allowances

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The project investigated household night use and the factors that influence the night use. The study found that night use varies through the year, and between different geographic regions. However, most companies still apply a single value throughout the year and to all DMAs.

The day-to-day variability (as a proportion of the mean) in night use is much higher than that for daily consumption, whilst the seasonal variation is much lower. The study found that whilst it is extremely difficult to predict the variation in night use, it is possible to monitor the trend in night use through the year using a control group monitor.

Spatially, the study found that household night use can be estimated at DMA level, based on DMA and socio-demographic attributes. A set of normalised factors were developed that can be used to adjust night use across different DMAs in a company.



UKWIR Reference :- 14/WM/08/53Published Date :- 26/08/2014
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