A Review of Wastewater Instrumentation, Automation and Control

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Water companies face ongoing pressures to improve operational and asset management efficiencies and deliver the same service for less cost. Equally, ever tightening regulations and wastewater compliance requirements mean water companies may need to improve treatment processes and ensure more consistent outputs. Instrumentation, process controls and data and information management could play a key role in achieving this.

With plans to invest circa £500m during AMP6, companies need to invest wisely in instrumentation and avoid legacy problems. The objectives of the study included developing an understanding of the industry's long term drivers and objectives; an evaluation of the state of the industry in terms of instrumentation, process control and automation; and an evaluation of what is available on the market such that the gaps between these can be identified.

This study is based on a series of interviews with key stakeholders within water companies and the supply chain.



UKWIR Reference :- 14/WM/02/21Published Date :- 08/09/2014
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 A Review of Wastewater Instrumentation, Automation and Control CD