Development of the UKWIR Runoff Model: Main Report

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The study involved the development and testing of a revised urban runoff model to replace the NEW PR runoff equation, to address a number of concerns within the water industry. The study considered the possibility of using a range of alternative models, but in the end a major revision of the New PR equation was carried out. The analysis compared the proposed (UKWIR) equation with both the Old PR and New PR equations as well as ReFH to check predictions for the pervious runoff component. The revised model incorporates the ability to use HOST soil classes as well as the traditional WRAP soil classes, and it also separates out the runoff components of paved and pervious surfaces. The model was checked against a number of verified Infoworks models. A separate element of the study looked into developing an alternative approach to modelling catchments which suffer from excessive infiltration using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) techniques.
This report is the full study report and includes the software and user guide (14/SW/01/7).



UKWIR Reference :- 14/SW/01/6Published Date :- 06/05/2014
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 Development of the UKWIR Runoff Model: Main Report CD