Wastewater Supply-Demand Framework

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The original 'Long Term Least Cost Planning for Watewater Supply Demand Framework' was published in 2007 (07/RG/08/2). This report updates the framework to reflect changes to the regulatory environment and state of knowledge, including the implications of the Drainage Strategy Framework (DSF). Key themes for the update were identified through consultation with those involved in wastewater supply demand planning in conjunction with a literature review.

The focus of the WWSDF has been broadened beyond price review business planning to the wider decision-making process. The report sets out a three stage process in which company planning and implementation sit within a long term strategy. For each stage, the key principles and approach envisaged are described. In addition, the report includes guidance on the key themes identified through the consultation process and a high level roadmap for roll out of the framework. Guidance on the application of the DSF and a summary of the literature review are included as appendices.



UKWIR Reference :- 14/RG/08/6Published Date :- 26/06/2014
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