Valuing Water - Phase 2

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This study presents a hydro-economic modelling framework for identifying and using the 'value of water' to assess the impacts of of proposed water resource interventions. The application of the framework is demonstrated by examining four different water management issues in a UK catchment: supply/demand balance planning by water companies; protection of the water environment; prices paid for water within a trading system; and abstraction charging. In each example the hydro-economic model represents flows, storages, the marginal value of water, and the economic benefits derived from water at all relevant points in a catchment over time. The results of the study show the framework can provide quantified assessments to inform water management and planning decisions.

Hydro-eonomic models can be implemented by extending the water resource models currently used by the UK water sector. Recommendations are provided in regard to the application of the approach in the UK.



UKWIR Reference :- 14/RG/07/33Published Date :- 15/07/2014
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