Alternative Approaches to Bacterial Reduction for WwTW Discharges: Phase 2 Field Trials and UV Desk Study

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EU Legislation has driven continuous wastewater discharge disinfection focussing on UV treatment. Reducing spills of intermittents by providing storage has been the normal approach.

This study proposes determining disinfection requirements on a site specific basis. The approach links the UV 'validated' dose to the microbial reduction achieved. The benefit of this approach is to achieve a reactor design validated against the microbial reduction required.

Benefits include: better targeted investment, supported by evidence; minimised capital and operating costs through better understanding of carbon costs associated with UV irradiation; demonstration of the methodology enabling production of site specific evidence to support a flexible, consistent approach to the disinfection of discharges; ability to meet revised bathing water directive targets and reduce the risk of EU infractions and beach closures; applicability of the protocol to intermittent discharge disinfection.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/WW/17/15Published Date :- 12/11/2013
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