Understanding the Potential Impacts of Shale Gas Fracking on the UK Water Industry - Stage 1

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Shale gas is trapped at depth in low permeability rocks. Its extraction requires hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to permit upwards gas migration via a well. Fracking involves injecting large volumes of fluid under high pressure. Following fracking, a proportion of the fracking fluid returns to the surface where it requires treatment and disposal. During production wells also generate saline water that requires disposal.

This report represents Stage 1 of a project to understand the potential impacts of fracking on the UK water industry. Specific industry concerns include: demand on water resources: risks to groundwater from chemical additives, gas and formation fluids: management of waste waters: and the potential for induced seismicity.

The Stage 1 report identifies the location of potential shale reserves in the UK and their relationship to water resources and water company infrastructure. Consideration is given to the likely location, scale and timing of water demand.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/WR/09/9Published Date :- 21/11/2013
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