Quantification of Customer Supply Pipe Leakage - A Guide for Data Collection

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Understanding of the UK supply pipe asset base is limited. Although not owned by the water companies, the supply pipe is a source of leakage.

The report identifies the diverse industry drivers for greater understanding of supply pipe leakage (SPL). Factors such as increasing meter penetration affect SPL estimates significantly.

The current methodology for estimating supply pipe leakage lacks sufficient data in some areas to produce reliable results.

The report provides a specification for additional data collection that will allow improved estimates to be prepared. The data collection approach is independent of the SPL estimation methodology to be applied, allowing further development of the methodology to overcome current issues.

A national initiative is proposed that will enable water companies to collect data in a consistent manner. Following future collection of data, and collation of suitable existing data, improved analysis can be obtained from the pooled data resource.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/WM/08/52Published Date :- 12/12/2013
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