Alternative Methods for the Quantification of Leakage

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Currently most UK water companies use the minimum night flow method for quantifying and reporting leakage levels. As companies' domestic and commercial meter penetration increases it should be possible to carry out DMA level water balances which will offer an alternative methodology for quantifying leakage. This project researched whether it was possible to build a generic model that would predict a meter penetration level at which the DMA level water balance could be considered more accurate. The project concluded that building such a generic model was not possible. It did, however, produce a model that can be used as a model for a single DMA. This model will determine which water balance, the traditional MNF or the alternative DMA level, would provide a more accurate determination of leakage at the DMA's current level of domestic meter penetration.

The model also indicates, at a company, WRZ or other level, the meter penetration point at which the alternative method would provide a higher proportion of more accurate estimates.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/WM/08/51Published Date :- 15/10/2013
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