Effect of Weather on Leakage and Bursts

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Weather conditions have had a severe impact on bursts and leakage in recent years and water companies are seeking relationships to explain and predict this impact for severe weather events. This report explores available weather parameters and proposes models to identify the probability or severity of bursts or leakage exceedance above a threshold. Weather parameters derived fro measurements such as air temperature and soil moisture deficit are used. The influence of source watter temperature is identified; temperate borehole source water shows less reaction to weather extremes than open water or river sources. This effect, other local factors (eg soil type) and data limitations prevent the development of a more universal model. However, the report provides sample models that can be adjusted to accommodate these differences in the absence of specific modelling of the local company area.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/WM/08/50Published Date :- 24/06/2013
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