Factors Limiting the Use of Active System Control (ASC) on Sewerage Systems in the UK - Project Report

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This project report summarises the work carried out to produce an industry guide on Active System Control (ASC) for sewerage. The project considered the current usage of ASC in the UK, where it was felt that insufficient consideration of the use of ASC was being made, and also investigated its application elsewhere in the world. The report uses the term ˜Active System Control"in preference to the alternative ˜Real Time Control" (RTC) to avoid excluding schemes where decisions and interventions are not made instantaneously.

The study has also delivered a Guide which is aimed at supporting the UK water industry with particular emphasis on development of robust schemes, and how they should be evaluated. The Environment Agency and Ofwat have provided supportive position statements with regards to the use of ASC schemes for sewerage systems. The Guide makes use of anecdotal information to emphasise various aspects, such as involvement of the operations section in developing scheme concepts and operating control systems.

It is intended that this study and the Guide will lead to greater consideration and use of ASC for sewerage in the UK.

The Guide (13/SW/01/5) may be purchased alone for £200, or, together with this background Project Report (13/SW/01/4), for £300.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/SW/01/4Published Date :- 25/11/2013
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The Use of Active System Control When Designing Sewerage Schemes - A Guide