Sewer Misconnections: What is the True Non-Agricultural Diffuse Water Pollution Impact?

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For the last sixty years, separate sewers have been provided for foul wastewater and surface water. Unfortunately, over time, the separation of the flow has become compromised because of misconnections by third parties.
The project aimed to determine the true scale of such misconnections, the options for identification and control and, where possible, the environmental impact of polluted surface water sewer outfalls.
The available data has been analysed and it has been concluded that, on a UK wide basis, around 13 million properties are served by separate sewer systems of which around 1% are likely to be misconnected. A targeted programme to identify these properties, concentrating on areas where surface water outfalls are having an adverse environmental impact, is estimated to cost £190 million.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/SW/01/3Published Date :- 18/03/2013
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