Wastewater Treatment Works for Adoption

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Current planning guidance and the policy of environmental regulators strongly promote the use of mains drainage for new developments. Where it is not practicable to connect to existing sewer systems, legislation provides the legal framework under which the adoption of private wastewater treatment works (WwTW) may take place.

The principle objective of this project was to produce, for the first time, a nationally agreed document that sets the standards for WwTWs to be adopted by the Sewerage Undertaker (Water Companies).

The document provides the Undertaker's minimum essential requirements on, where present, the inlet manhole, wastewater treatment plant, flow meter chamber, outlet sampling chamber and kiosk housing low voltaege switchgear and control gear assembly and associated control and telemetry equipment.

The document is a useful guide for Developers and/or Owners of WwTWs on the conditions under which the Undertaker will adopt a Works.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/RG/05/38Published Date :- 23/09/2013
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