Chemical Investigations Programme: Volume 1- Main Report

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The Chemical Investigations Programme (CIP) was established in response to emerging legislation on surface water quality. The CIP is intended as a means of gaining a better understanding of the occurrence, behaviour and management of trace contaminants in the wastewater treatment process and in effluents.

The project (carried out over 2010-2013) has been reported in four volumes. Volume 1, this report, summarises the main part of the monitoring programme, reporting the results of a national survey of effluent quality with respect to trace substances, describing investigations into the effectiveness of existing wastewater treatment processes in dealing with various chemicals and providing an overview of their sources in the sewer catchment. Volume 2 is an appraisal of control options and relative costs.

Volumes 3 and 4 describe studies of pilot-scale treatment processes and various supporting investigations conducted as part of the programme. The new knowledge provided by the CIP paves the way for a rational prioritisation of future actions and a transparent and informed discussion of available options required to manage trace substances in the water environment.

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 Chemical Investigations Programme: Volume 1- Main Report CD