Evidence Review of Catchment Strategies for Managing Metaldehyde

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This report presents a detailed comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of current strategies for managing metaldehyde in drinking water and assesses the role that catchment-based approaches can play in managing the risk from metaldehyde.. Specifically, it summarises the current extent and severity of metaldehyde non-compliance in the UK and the water industry's response to it; collates data on the costs of implementing catchment management initiatives; reviews the effectiveness of catchment management and abstraction management in limiting metaldeyde concentrations in drinking water; and highlights key evidence gaps and examples of best practice. The results are interpreted to provide insight into the degree of control provided by current management strategies, and to identify what additional measures and mechanisms may be required to prevent future non-compliance with the 0.1μg/l drinking water standard.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/DW/14/7Published Date :- 10/06/2014
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