Emerging Pesticides; What Next?

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Metaldehyde and similar emerging pesticides present a major problem to the water industry. In 2009, metaldehyde concentrations up to 1μg/L were measured in raw waters and 73 WTWs failed the drinking water pesticide standard. Catchment control measures implemented in recent years have not solved the problem and raw water metaldehyde concentrations are again of concern. Previous UKWIR work highlighted the limitations of existing treatment and identified the need for effective and affordable alternatives.
This present work aimed to identify cost-effective solutions for pesticide removal. Desk studies were carried out to investigate the optimisation of existing treatment processes and to identify emerging treatment technologies and processes that show particular promise.
Recommendations were made to carry out laboratory and pilot-scale studies to investigate the enhancement of existing GAC capacity by in-situ or on-site regeneration, and to investigate the performance for pesticide removal of catalysed LED photo-oxidation and ultrasound-enhanced ozonation.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/DW/14/6Published Date :- 17/01/2013
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