Forecasting Future Levels of Water Debt

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The rising level of debt associated with domestic households in England and Wales is an increasingly serious issue for the water industry. The aim of this project has been to present the evidence on debt, to discuss the factors that are likely to drive future levels of debt and to develop realistic forecasts of how future trajectories of water debt might evolve. A history of June Return statistics provides the basis for the development of debt forecasts, introducing debt penetration and debt intensity parameters to measure the current position and to predict future arrears over a 10-year horizon. Household-level impacts are explored, evaluating the affordability risks associated with future disparities in earnings growth and cost of living. Outcomes are presented for the industry as a whole and for each of the twenty-one water companies in England and Wales.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/CU/04/7Published Date :- 06/02/2013
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