How to Change Customer Behaviour to Encourage Greater Use of 'Self-Service' Facilities

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As part of a growing emphasis on the quality of customer service, UK water companies are looking to increase the adoption of new technologies and self-service methods of interaction.

This report include a review of current practices of self-service migration from both the water industry and other sectors and identifies previously successful marketing strategies. These strategies were tested with water bill payers using a programme of qualitative and quantitative research and the results were used to produce guidance for water companies to consider when developing their own self-service strategies.

The industry guidance includes a segmentation analysis which profiles customer groups according to likelihood to adopt self-service and recommended migration strategies. The guidance also provides easy-to-apply advice on how to embed self-service into customer behaviour after the initial migration.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/CU/02/14Published Date :- 11/12/2013
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