Practical Methodologies for Monitoring and Responding to the Impacts of Climate Change on Industry Treatment Processes

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This study provides companies with a mechanism by which critical climate-sensitive treatment process thresholds may be established, monitored and assessed. As such it facilitates the development of an evidence base from which adaptation actions may be taken that will be justifiable to the regulators and other stakeholders. The study produced a short-list of water and wastewater process thresholds from previous UKWIR projects reported in 11/CL/08/2,3,4 and 12/CL/12/1 respectively, and these were screened for effectiveness and efficiency in terms of monitoring climate impacts. A comparison was made with the typical monitoring that companies already undertake, and recommendations were made for further monitoring both withiin water and wastewater treatment works and the wider catchment (surface waters, collection systems). A process for identifying and attributing trends in threshold exceedance is provided.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/CL/01/20Published Date :- 12/06/2013
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