A Rainfall-Independent Approach to Calculating Treatment Flows at WwTW

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Most wastewater treatment works discharge consents contain a Flow To Full Treatment (FTFT) condition that states that all flows up to a given flow rate must receive full treatment. The FTFT has been set historically on the basis of a calcuation from flow components, but recent advances in data collection provide an opportunity for an appropriate setting to be estimated from flow data.
This project has developed such an approach that can be applied in the absence of rainfall data. The development of the new approach is described and its performance and limitations are assessed.
An approach for making allowance for future growth is described, based on maximum likelihood estimation as used in the regulatory water balance.
An approach for estimating infiltration flows is described, based on the hydrological technique of baseflow separation.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/WW/23/9Published Date :- 01/08/2012
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 A Rainfall-Independant Approach to Calculating Treatment Flows at WwTW CD