The Relationship between Per Capita Consumption and Wastewater Flows

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Water saving measures may have an effect on per capita consumption (PCC) and hence on the volume of wastewater generated (DWF); however the relationship between PCC and DWF is not fully understood. Modification to WwTW design criteria without defining the relationship introduces environmental risk and/or potential premature expenditure by water utilities.
The aims of this study were to understand and quantify any relationship between PCC and DWF; to understand any implications for WwTW process design; and offer guidance relating to the integration of water resources and wastewater planning.
The study analysed data from two catchments during implementation of a universal metering programme (UMP). It found that the relationship between per household consumption (PHC) and flow returned to sewer (G) was a function of house type and/or socio-economic group, and season. Water demand modelling suggested that universal water metering should reduce DWF by an amount which depends upon catchment characteristics. However, no significant reduction in household water use from pre-UMP levels was observed.
Reduced catchment flows were shown by modelling to have only small effects on WwTW discharge compliance and hence, no changes to existing design criteria for wastewater treatment processes are recommended,



UKWIR Reference :- 12/WW/21/15Published Date :- 13/12/2012
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