Water Resources Planning Tools 2012: Summary Report

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The research project titled 'Water Resources Planning Tools 2012', with a primary focus on the Deployable Output (DO) and the Economics of Balancing Supply and Demand (EBSD) methods, has resulted in improvements to the existing water resources planning tools. These tools include methodologies, guidelines and modelling approaches associated with the production of water management plans.
The project developed risk-based DO and EBSD methods. These methods are scalable and allow planners to choose and use techniques of different levels of sophistication, proportional to individual needs, planning issues and available data sets. The improved methods incorporate levels of service to customers. This is highlighted through trade-off relationships between efficient EBSD programmes balanced with water system reliability.
The project also evaluated new methods to respond to specific longer term planning needs, such as the need for new forms of economic appraisal.
The Summary report has a series of five additional project outputs attached on CD-ROM.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/WR/27/6Published Date :- 07/08/2012
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