Planning for Potential Changes in Land Management Practices and Policies

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This report provides a body of evidence to support planning for future change at a national scale. At a catchment scale, activity and impact will be influenced both by national trends, and by the local conditions, market forces and relevant policy, and action will be ultimately determined by individual landowners. It is the combination of individual and local activities that will determine the nature of land use and management change and the options for a water company to: a) influence processes within a catchment; or b) increase investment in treatment costs.
Planning for future change at some level is essential to ensure that future AMP cycles are appropriately funded. The level at which this planning could take place could be strategic, looking at regional trends or local and catchment based with respect to individual sources. The work undertaken for this project provides an insight into the types of change that could occur and how to assess regional trends at a relatively high level before deciding how to focus future investigations.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/WR/26/14Published Date :- 20/08/2012
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