Assessment of Low Flow Components of Night Use and the Water Balance

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The project investigated the effect of un-measured and under-registered low flows on night-use allowances in leakage calculations, and on estimates of household per-capita consumption.
The study found that the most significant contribution to un-measured and under-registered flows arises from the existence of continuous low flows. Night-use and per-capita consumption monitors need to be adjusted to compensate for the un-measured and under-registered part of this continuous low flow.
Best estimates of the volume flow rate of 'continuous' low flow have been derived during the study and these can be used to compensate for meter non-registration and meter under-registration. Guidance on how to apply these estimates to household night-use and PCC monitors is provided in the report.
The improved understanding of the effect of un-measured and under-registered low flows on night use, and hence leakage calculations, will help the industry to quantify, target and report leakage more effectively.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/WM/08/48Published Date :- 10/09/2012
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