Test Protocol to Determine the Flushability of Disposable Products

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The flushing of disposable products has increased significantly during the last two decades. Unfortunately, many of the most commonly available products are unsuitable for disposal to sewer and are suspected of being the cause or component part of many sewer blockages, pump clogs and an increase in the volume of screenings removed at WwTW inlets.
The main objective of this project was to produce a 'Protocol to Assess the Flushability of Disposable Products' (the 'Flushability Protocol'). A series of practical and understandable tests is specified, which products should be able to satisfy before being regarded as suitable for disposal to sewer. This document is largely based on an earlier water industry protocol and guidance developed by manufacturers of disposable products.
The project, through working with product manufacturers, has enabled the water industry to be in a position to begin influencing the manufacturers' product research, customer communications and product labelling.
In 2014, a supplementary report, 14/WM/07/17, was published by UKWIR. This is a review of the manufacturers' 3rd edition guidance document. It provides information that would be necessary for the Water Industry to further engage with various stakeholders, particularly INDA/EDANA, regarding their latest guidance document. The report is entitled 'Test Protocol to Determine the Flushability of Disposable Products, Review of the Manufacturers' 3rd Edition Guidance Document' and is available for £25.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/WM/07/16Published Date :- 18/07/2012
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