Techniques for Preventing Interruptions to Customer Water Supplies

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Customer expectations in terms of quality of service are rising; as such, customers are increasingly intolerant of interruptions to their water supplies. This increasing expectation is reflected in the introduction of the Service Incentive Mechanism and the requirement for more detailed reporting of interruptions to Ofwat. The water industry has developed a number of methods for working on mains under pressure to prevent interruptions, but there is a wide difference in the application of these techniques across the industry. This report evaluates the under pressure techniques that are currently available to the water industry, as well as reviewing those used in the Oil and Gas industry to assess what new techniques could be developed. A Decision Support Tool has also been developed to assist the practitioner in determining the relative cost effectiveness of under pressure techniques versus conventional methods, taking into account the impact of causing interruptions.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/WM/04/9Published Date :- 24/05/2012
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 Techniques for Preventing Interruptions to Customer Water Supplies CD