Turbidity in Groundwater - Understanding Cause, Effect and Mitigation Measures

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Water companies must ensure that the turbidity specification for potable water of 1NTU is met. There is currently little information regarding turbidity in groundwater and the cause is not fully understood. The common assumption is that turbidity in groundwater indicates a fast transport pathway connecting potentially contaminated surface water with the aquifer.
The principal objective of this research project was to provide the evidence base to ensure the most appropriate investment decisions are made by water companies to meet the turbidity specification.
The research found that there is no relationship between turbidity and microbiology, although Chalk sources appear more susceptible to E. coli than other aquifers. The occurrence of turbidity is site specific with a variety of causes. Mitigation measures could include use of variable speed pumps, automatic pumping to waste, blending or engineered solutions.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/DW/14/5Published Date :- 25/06/2012
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