Lead Pipe Replacement - AMP6 and Beyond: The Perspectives of Customers and Landlords

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This qualitative research study explores potential ways of encouraging property owners to replace lead pipes; potential ways forward in terms of partnership working to resolve the issue; and provides insight into water customers' understanding of issues surrounding lead in drinking water and expectations and likely behaviour when made aware of the issues.
Topics such as awareness and attitudes to risk, key motivators/barriers to action, and views on portential interventions were explored with customers and landlords through a series of deliberative workshops across the UK and through depth interviews, respectively. Key stakeholders were consulted through interviews and a Knowledge Sharing Workshop.
The research findings suggest that a carefully designed and managed information campaign, targeting high risk groups in high risk areas, will be key to raising awareness on the issues of lead in drinking water and, ultimately, in encouraging customers to replace lead pipes. Other supporting recommendations are also provided.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/DW/04/13Published Date :- 30/05/2012
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